Why and about

Why and about!

What encourages somebody to expose himself, to grab a pen and – write – something how he thinks it happened and in what it resulted? If you have climbed a high mountain, which colloquially in this case means life, you can turn around and look down to img496the meandering paths and ways which have led you to your next to the last destination. In this observant place, someone can check his decisions made and values followed – that unique combination, which makes somebody special. Also, this mixture of heritage, education and social environment – you or me, has acquired an own perspective: How to evaluate and judge this World and its phenomena and outgrowths. I feel that my generation, confronted with the fastest technical progress and social change of mankind has lost many traditional values , such as consideration, compassion, honor ,dignity and bona fide. This dual combination, my life and my perspective on things – that it is what this blog is about! I try, with my limited means to describe circumstances and facts as I see it and hope to find critic, compliance or refusal. The worst thing might happen, would be a high bouncing rate without a comment, indicating that my notes and sensations are wrong and not worthwhile for discussion. No need to explain, why Michael Kohlhaas is one of my greatest heroes!

Read, ask and give the benefit of the doubt

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The English and fearlessness fairness

It is a pity that the British did not make an Olympix.
The reason is that they need a success, whatever the cost.
French boxer Mourad Aliev is disqualified for allegedly using his head to win. Well, you need your head in boxing, as a target and as a computer. But you can’t use it as a third fist. That’s exactly what the poor Frenchman allegedly did and was disqualified and the Brit won. With Michael Jung, the matter is even more obvious.
The best Military rider in the world, two-time Olympic champion in a row, had a drop in the Military cross-country ride! He was in first place before his ride. In the cross country ride, after a New Zealander, the second last. And, exactly in this situation, after the Newlanders ride, the safety system on an obstacle was replaced and the poor horse of the German touched it lightly and it fell.

In the Military, the obstacles are placed in such a way that they do not fall due to light touches. That’s why the first place rider is now in 10th place and two British riders are in 1st and 2nd place.
What surprised me the most was that before the start of the competition a nasal English could be heard, which I interpreted with an uneasy feeling as British supervision of the competition. Unfortunately, I don’t know what fair play means in English. But the poor Frenchman who supposedly nearly decapitated the Englishman and the best military rider in the world have experienced English fair play first hand.
It gets even worse in the pentathlon of the women’s competition. A German rider is in the lead before the last discipline. She “raffles” a horse that cannot be moved over the obstacles. She is not a beginner, she knows to ride, she was in first place, but in this situation she could only cry. No gold and no medal. A British woman wins. What a happy coincidence for the English, a third gold medals won. Surprisingly, two in disciplines with horses, because in fact the Huns should be better!