Why and about

Why and about!

What encourages somebody to expose himself, to grab a pen and – write – something how he thinks it happened and in what it resulted? If you have climbed a high mountain, which colloquially in this case means life, you can turn around and look down to img496the meandering paths and ways which have led you to your next to the last destination. In this observant place, someone can check his decisions made and values followed – that unique combination, which makes somebody special. Also, this mixture of heritage, education and social environment – you or me, has acquired an own perspective: How to evaluate and judge this World and its phenomena and outgrowths. I feel that my generation, confronted with the fastest technical progress and social change of mankind has lost many traditional values , such as consideration, compassion, honor ,dignity and bona fide. This dual combination, my life and my perspective on things – that it is what this blog is about! I try, with my limited means to describe circumstances and facts as I see it and hope to find critic, compliance or refusal. The worst thing might happen, would be a high bouncing rate without a comment, indicating that my notes and sensations are wrong and not worthwhile for discussion. No need to explain, why Michael Kohlhaas is one of my greatest heroes!

Read, ask and give the benefit of the doubt

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Well deserved!

I admit judging many things different. In soccer it matters for example. I believe that Italians, before they are playing the ball, making a foul. The English are worse since they are imported Tsu’Chu from China, they divided it into one game for gentlemen and one for thugs. In neither version they are good. They need immigrants, a species otherwise not welcomed by the British Society, to play  a more or less reasonable match. But let me come to the subject. I am a “spiral-orator”, it costs me to come to an end.

Soccer is a game for which you need players, experienced and skillful; a charismatic trainer and the last but most important condition: the inflexible will to win! This might be difficult when 30% of your team are mercenaries, people living in another country, grown up in another culture, not good enough to play for the country where  they are  normally live. Being hyphenated, using a famous term used 100 years ago, does not give you the energy  to fight  until the last minute, as the Spaniards did yesterday giving England a lesson and equalised a 0:2 loss in the last 5 minutes of the game. And you?

A tiny country gave you a lesson, these Ticos took their heart in their feet and showed God’s own Nation what soccer is about. A team sport , when played with heart and stamina it unites the Nation with pride and love. Take my advice send Klinsi back to California, expel the Germans, and take an example on the women team – that is the way to play decent soccer.