Shooting Stars

I do not refer to an exceptional career. No, I refer to shooters. Nearly every week people are getting killed in Gods selected country, second in its self importance to a brother in glory 1000 miles south. What is so fascinating about shooting?

Every evening when sweeping  5 minutes through my TV Channels I am unable to count  the bodies shot. And these Heroes – the shooters – perform their art in the most astonishing situations: Flying in a shockwave of an grenade explosion through the air, killing with a six shooter ten people. And its ends, exhausted and happy, they are smiling and waving the flag.

Unfortunately I can not proof these heroes in reality. With all my efforts I found only extreme schizophrenic cowards killing indiscriminately people, children; everything that moves and creeps with their high standard weapons. When a Nation feels that these acts are covered by their constitution, all right keep it up –  but don’t complain.

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