Lightheartedness of democracy …..

in a Drama of halfwits on Europe’s stage.
With overwhelming majority of 61% the inventors of the drama voted with “OKI”. “Nai” got 36%. Apart from the closeness  of these two expressions to AmAS and Anglo Saxonism to OK and Nai, which means exactly the opposite in these esteemed Nations, I allow myself a view observations.

What the Dramaturges forgot is the fact that 40%  of the electorate did not vote and out of the remainder a pure 61% voted with Oki, this deal is bad. And here it starts, projecting these figures to the electorate.Why, in such an important question, which, in case of an Oki vote possibly will push Greece over the cliff into poverty, despair and crime, 40% did not vote?

In this land of Odysseus, and the dear reader assesses the term land, since  a profound intermixture of races from Asia, Africa and Europe that has taken place in almost every corner of this island prone state, I suppose the old tricks of the “Godfather” of all manipulators  and cheaters have survived and been used.

The bill will be paid by the poor, the helpless and those, which are living remote on one of the 3000 Islands. I am sure, that Government officials, party members and party participants have their Trojan  horse in neighboring Crete or in the proud land surrounded by the Alps. Eureka – the Greek communists and its capitalists in one horse!!!

And a further remark! American Anglo Saxons with German names from across the Ocean, ennobled and therefore full of wisdom, claim that this drama is due to the Germans. These Germans, whose pensioners did not got a rise from 2000 to 2011, financing the unification of their home country and suffering under the American finance piracy. Where have been this loud-mouthed finance luminaries?  Have they done something, stopped, changed or influenced? They are sitting in their scientific ivory tower, applying formulas of physics on people and as a result drawing graphs which should explain the complexity of international finance machinations. I am aware they are many decent, law abiding, not hard working people , which better keep their mouth shut, unless they are able to present a practicable solution which is distributing the burden of the restructuring of the world finance trouble to those who are responsible – the Americans. I remember Goldman Sachs’s advice to the Greeks. No Fat Greek wedding caused, America, Greece Drama is under way.

AmAS   American Anglo Saxonism


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