A Life

When you come to the Crest of your life, asking yourself who are you really, than you possibly will realize that you are now grown up and most possibly you have passed into the so called “golden ages”. Than the average talented men, certainly will come to a point where they try to balance their life achievements.

Hopper-Dieter_thumb.jpgOur fast living times don’t give a man during his productive phase enough time to consider his life. Job, Family, Leisure time and the unbelievable mobility of the Modern Times makes even a talented Person restless, and only with difficulties he has a retrospective Vision of his Life. But there a few and they are the really gifted ones.

A productive Man has to balance wisely between presence and future. Lives he predominantly in the presence, it can be assumed that he does not belongs to most intelligent species of mankind, too much in future results in an unstable life -never satisfied with something. Either such men will not be able to judge to which party he belongs, until he enters in the third phase of his life. Now he has enough time, to consider and balance.

Lucky is the one who was an artist or a craftsman. His works will give testimony. The scientist can distinguish himself with his books and publications. They all can look back with proud and satisfaction, possibly knowing that their works will outlive them and make them immortal. And the gifted, average man?

There is no book, no painting, no art work – nothing from which he can retrieve proud and satisfaction.

Of course he can start to write an autobiography. But soon he will realize that his Life was to complex and a description most likely will not reflect his entire personality and achievements. An autobiography in most cases puts facts in front and not the being. To balance this appears an impossible task.

Here comes Fassblog in.

In its chapters it takes your Life to pieces and the kind reader will receive a mosaic of occasions which finally grows together, reflecting a mans life. Its centerpiece is the chapter, called “Sternstunden”. These occasions are pivotal Ppoints, beacons, having deeply influenced the further development of a Life.

And here a final remark, which should mirror the page owners opinion: I do not care, whether you agree or not. Important is I agree. It is my Life. And I always feel proud and satisfied to revise my Pages

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