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As older somebody grows, as more he will realize that Life is not endless. Being young and successful – the sun shines every day, but having passed 70 the daily challenges are gone, as retiree you have to define your remaining life day by day by yourself. So deliberately I put myself in an after position. What will be left of my life if it ends tomorrow? Not much, some assets, dear personal belongings, and a certain time the remembrance of my love ones. In a short time span most of that will be gone or having changed, without leaving a trace leading to Dieter Hirschmann. I proved this theory on my life and realized that I forgot a lot, or having not put in the right correlation events and incidents, which heavily changed or influenced my life. So the idea was born.

Dieter, Kronach 1993

Dieter, Kronach 1993

This web site tries to be a mirror of myself. It should represent me forever and give the kind and understanding visitor a life-o-gram of Dieter Hirschmann. To present my life is not without difficulties. Changing professions, from an Able Bodied Seaman to a Navy Officer, an oilfield hand, an accountant and finally a consultant, mixed with a unsteady personal life made me what am I.

In all these different stages of my life, I was always described as hot tempered, impatient, open minded and care taking. What a complicated character.

Born in 1941, during the war and possibly so I am a typical product of these terrible times. My pregnant and engaged mother broke her relation with my father after being aware of actions not permissible to a groom.

After leaving school, I was serving for nearly 5 years in the German Merchant Navy, and afterwards for another 8 years in the German Federal Navy. Soon realizing, that for the Merchant Navy I was not the right type and for the Federal Navy I had too much quick wit. Taking these limits into account, I decided to study Economics at the “Hochschule fuer Wirtschaft und Politik” in Hamburg

My surprisingly excellent exam qualified my as auditor in a well esteemed private Chartered Accounting firm in Hamburg. After being sure that my practical knowledge matched the theoretical, I finally landed in Egypt, working for the Suez Oil Company as Material Supervisor. Afterwards I was Cost Control and Budget Officer of an Iron Ore Mine (Bong Mining Company) in Liberia.

From July 1988 till March 1996 I worked as a Consultant in Costa Rica. The most terrible time in my life has been between 1996 and August 2001. I was to y young to retire and too old getting a job. With genealogical studies about the Hirschmann name and my forbearers I tried to fill an empty life. I started Marathon running and biking and got extremely restless. The logical result was a Motorcycle accident. Losing nearly my lower right leg send me in a deep depression.

Fortunately, just being fit enough, I had the opportunity to rent the small back packer hotel “Costa Linda” in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. I recovered my spirits and after 5 beautiful years, just turning 65, I retired.

My personal life was for a long time disastrous. After 3 unhappy marriages, I finally found my peace in Costa Rica with Angela

And here a final comment: having lived most of my life outside Germany, my German is not as it should, and my complementary languages, English and Spanish never reached colloquial heights necessary not being considered as an immigrant: No soy de aqui, ni soy de allá, as Facunda Cabral sings. And thinking about these simple words, I feel pity for all Germans being forced, during the darkest times of my Nation, abandoning their Vaterland.

If you got interest, you are invited to click you through, and possibly we met somewhere, than give sign.

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2 thoughts on “Dieter’s Resume

  1. Hallo lieber Dieter,
    schön Dein Leben in Fotos zu sehen, ich würde mich sehr freuen, einmal von Dir zu hören.
    Mittlerweile wohne ich allein in Buxtehude, Timor und Asmus haben auch schon Kinder. Allen geht es sehr gut.
    Liebe Grüße an Dich und Angela
    Von Petra Knudsen

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