Soccer is coming home

Football – the Compensator of Frustration
The European Women’s Football Championship is now being held in England. And as the English say “Soccer is coming home”.

At the same time, I can not help but make a few remarks about the creator of this fascinating sport.
16 teams had qualified in four groups, which FIFA (World Federation) had divided into the following groups.

England Germany Schweden France

Austria 21 Spain 7 Netherlands 4 Belgium 19

Norway 11 Denmark 15 Switzerland 20 Island 17

N-Ireland 47 Finnland 29 Portugal 30 Italia 14

79 51 54 50

The number after the participating country is the ranking according to Fifa statistics and their totals are the expression of the playing strength: the higher the Fifa World Ranking, the worse the individual nation.
Thus, the Fifa system guaranteed that England had the easiest group and would play either France or Germany in the final.
Yesterday in the semifinals Germany won against France. And the FIFA calculation for England worked out. They are in any case European Vice champions. But football is not coming home. The Wembley curse still hangs over the most famous football stadium in the world. And I bet on Germany, not out of patriotism but out of fair play.