Boris, the Pfeffel and the Noses of his Grandparents


Who does not know England’s political clown, a gifted liar, and an irresponsible womaniser? It is in his blood. A mixture of Turkish, Swiss, American Jew, yes- English as Prince Paul of Wurttembergwell – and all sweetened with splashes of German blue aristocratic blood. Yes, 4th Grandfather was Prince Paul von Württenberg.  His daughter Pauline of Rothenburg out of the liaison with Friederike Vohs – gave birth to Ernestine and Marie Lousie. The Uncle of Prince Paul was Ernst I., Duke of Sachsen-Gotha Coburg, the father of Prince Albert, who emigrated to England and married Queen Victoria. And therefore Boris, the Pfeffel is related to the English Royal House. This is what Boris believes.Friderike Vohs, Paulines mother

But Adelheid Pauline von Rothenburg was in a delicate position. Her first child needed a father. In obscurity, she married in Augsburg Karl Maximilian von Pfeffel, being impregnated by someone who had all reasons not being involved  in a public affair in 1836. Her first child was named “Ernestine” and her second one “Marie Luise”. And was the key to the riddle. Pauls uncle Ernst, the father of Prince Albert was obviously the filou.

His son was in England in turrets with Victory. No public scandal was needed, his and his court’s standings were low. The future Queen of the world was in love with a low-ranking German aristocrat. Camouflage was neAdelheid Pauline von Rottenburgeded and done. But clever Pauline named her first born  Ernestine, a female form of Ernst and the second child, again a daughter, Marie Lousie, after the first names of Ernst’s two wives. 1784_ernErnst I, Duke of Sachsen-Coburg Gotha

The result is that Boris, the Pfeffel is Cousin of Queen Elisabeth. All Aristocrats know, Boris not.