History and Zeitgeist

What a strange combination of words. Is there any relation between these words?  An opinion is certain standpoint about a specific event.  It can have different manifestations; a compass to historyprivate, public or political. Zeitgeist can be view, sentiment, judgment or notion.  Through lapse of time opinion eventually will change in remembrance. This transformation demonstrates what History really is: a mixture of fact, political correctness and personal view :  A subjective impression of a few, shared by many.

The few, who manufacture content, are never unbiased. They are researching, interpreting, linking, and recessing with the method of  the empirical sciences. There is no experiment to proof, no formula to apply which offers a standardized result –the outcome depends on the prevailing “political correctness”. And, last but least, History has no unanimous global audience; it is always local, no matter how much it tries to hide it.

History is an empirical science, but different to Sociology; you cannot inquire, sample or test. It‘s always opinion if you look at it in a context. It is like art work in photo shop, you take an layer out, you change the contrast, you bevel – and always you have a different result, more or less connected; inviting to endless discussions.

At the end it turns out that History is opinion – what a sacrilege!

And I will try to do my best to proof this hypothesis!

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