Name Detective

logo_peq.pngWhat a waste of time and money! Born from great idea. And all for nothing because of wrong presumptions:

  • 316 000 German family names on file; 70 000 American cognates created either through its spelling, intentional mutilation or a plain translation of its original German name
  • a searchable database of the US Census from 1790 (392 000 Heads of Family), 5200 indentured servants with their shortened contract obligations, 40 000 WV land deeds, and 42 000 passengers on 4000 ships of the 18th century
  • a US Census 2000 file of 151 671 American family Names ethnically identified

All cobwebbed together: enter a certain Name and the program gives you a report of your family name in the 18th century, shows its spelling variations – and all in vain.

But possibly you are interested how I spoiled ten thousands of Hours. See a sample report

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