Jugglers of truth


Celebrities in public office, their counterparts in economic entities and most notably journalists act in transmitting information, so it appears, rarely sincerely and honestly.

All information, submitted to the public, is twofold censored, first by the issuer and secondly through the distributing media. The originator of a message has the interest to tell the truth, but not the whole truth. The distributing media company offers this truth either in slices in the interest to increase attention or wrong due to the quality of their professional standards.

This manipulated Information can be presented in several forms: as a media campaign or as a life event. Embarrassing, repulsive and against all good taste is the American disaster reporting, notably practiced by CNN and other “fast conclusion TV Canals” . Sensational, over hasted reports, endlessly repeated, offers a mash of semi-solid information, which is adjusted over time to the events which actually happened.

A media campaign is a completely different issue: A carefully staged operation to inform the public slice by slice of what really happened. These small doses of truth applications over a relatively long time prepares the public to carry the consequences of reckless and negligent actions.

And you, my dear reader, are confronted with these news every day. Think and act!