What does Ivanhoe have to do with the name of this blog?

What does Ivanhoe have to do with the name of this blog?

“Why, you call you grunting brutes running about on their four legs?” demanded Wamba. “Swine, fool swine”, said the herd, “every fool knows that”. “And swine is good saxon”, said Saxons and NormansJester; “ but how call you the sow when she is flayed, and drawn and quartered, and hung up by their heels like a traitor”? “Pork” answered the swine herd.

“fass” is not as drastic, it’s German and comes from old German “fat”. which has in English many meanings. One of them refers (ME) to a large pipe, tank or vessel. Whilst the Englishman kept the Old Saxon form, in German, the “t” at the end changed into a double-S. The barrel now, has maintained its meaning, but is spelled differently now. “Fassblog”, the barrel blog, contains something; it stores and with ongoing filling the flavor of the barrel changes. The blog  contains my life, my interests, my observations – written down spontaneously in different languages. The dear and estimated reader gives me the benefit of the doubt, corrects me or neglects me.