The Wryneck is sometimes not a Bird

We Germans created a lot of beautiful words, describing precisely states and/or conditions. Here a few examples: Quatschkopf, Schaumschläger, Blitzmerker and Dünnbrettbohrer. All of them describing the qualities of politicians. But none of them surpasses “Wendehals” – the Guy combines all the qualities described below.

But let me explain: a Quatschkopf is somebody who talks mostly nonsense. A Schaumschläger has the qualities of a Quatschkopf combined with arrogance and confident appearance. A Blitzmerker is somebody who does not holds his gun powder try and concludes rapidly – mostly wrong. A Dünnbrettbohrer can not drill planks, which means he can not solve difficult situations .

But the crown of them is the “Wendehals”, the wryneck -– opportunists who quickly change their political opinion. He – the wryneck -needs all the above qualities and demonstrates it with in the  political drama, as

Quatschkopf – because he talks to much nonsence

Dünnbrettbohrer – because his statements does reflects the political reality

Schaumschläger – because he is increasingly unveiled by the public.

Quatschkopf – because he had not calculated the reactions of his expressed its opinion

Blitzmerker – because he held his gun powder try

And last, but first: Wendehals, the man of many aspects