Wikipedians and Fa(r)cebooker – two sides of one coin

About 50 years ago, one of my greatest goals was to own a Brockhaus Enzyclopedia. Not Tim-Berners-Lee.jpgthe posh Encyclopædia Britannica, the dream of all book phobians , the more digestible German edition would do it. After a long time of saving, finally I had it on the shelf. What evenings full of fascination – I had my History channel, Disney world and Discovery channel on my lap.

For many years my Brockhaus guided me through the jungle of knowledge and gave me the certainty to know that I know nothing. It somehow planted an unsatisfied curiosity into my thinking and taught me the importance of the w-words[1] : wer, wo, wie, warum, weshalb. To confirm your personal findings, you had to confront people personally: No google, or whatever search engine showed the track and led to knowledge.

Than, somewhere in the Swiss Alps, an Englishman cob webbed ideas of American weapon control into a tool what finally resulted to be the internet. The second revolution ofimages.jpg media knowledge was born: Science, personal idiosyncrasies, lies, results – true or suspected could be distributed at light speed, worldwide. Everbody was made to peers: Scientists, taxi drivers, students whatever knowledge – all. And slowly Russian/American teamsters of “search, control and deliver”, the Brin-Page conspiracy, in combination with an American[2] not from Wales, who changed the first seven letters of Wikipedia.jpgEncyclopædia into Wiki, dominated World’s knowledge. A source  was created, easy accessible and for free, which transformed underperformer into half wits. And a clever designed program tool, “copy and Page”, erased the traces between copyright and plagiarism – and gave rise from mediocrity to undeserved honor.

This process and the development of the pop culture created a new version of mankind: A lonely person without internalized values – somebody who wanted to be taken out of its dependence of TV and computer and be favorably recognized: beautiful, smart, adored and envied. Farcebook was born!

[1] In English: who, where, how, why

[2] Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia

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