Some redundant Jobs

I always ask myself what a person moves   being a politician, priest or lawyer? And looking into that phenomenon more closely, I discovered that with relatively little work, a bendable character and a flexible tongue somebody is well qualified. You need, possibly a bit less than a banker, a certain criminal energy and the ability to lie without returning red. I do not qualify, I am rigid and I am turning red. But let me follow suit!

There is hope! The Russian Immigrant gave it to me! We all should stand together and get rid of these parasites. Mr. Snowden should be in charge to develop and implement a system in Fort Meade called  MASH, which stands for “ Manipulate the stupid Humanity. Nobody has to lie, steal or cook the truth; all these before so urgently needed persons are expendable and have to make only a small adjustment and serve with their talents in new professions: They are needed as Carnival barker, Insurance Agents, Libor trader or – here I have a small problem – computer programmers.